I Won't Survive...
I'll Thrive!
by Aurea McGarry
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Aurea created the show "Live Your Legacy" while on her book tour across the country in 2008. During her TV news appearances she realized that all the morning news were about terrorism, violence, murder, young people on drugs or in gangs or Hollywood stars in rehab. Suddenly it came to her like a bolt of lightning that there had to be more people doing good things in this world than there are bad people doing bad things. But, the media was not focused on reporting those stories.

With the support of her husband, Brian, Aurea went on her mission to change things. Using her extensive and impressive show business background, she set out with their own money to create, produce and air their TV show.

"Only people changing our world or communities in a positive way would make it on the show," Aurea said.

This would include: charities, non-profits and successful business entrepreneurs that used their financial success to give to charities in a big way.

After airing 22 episodes in a one year, Aurea and her show has been awarded six television awards including the highest honor of a regional EMMY for her latest episode on Noah’s Ark Animal and Children Rehabilitation Center that aired on PBS Atlanta. Proving that there are great stories to be told about amazing people who are living their legacies.

Aurea is the Mike Rowe (Dirty Jobs) for the non-profit world. She loves to roll up her sleeves and kick up her high heels to tell the stories of how charities around this country are saving lives! Sometimes heartbreaking always heartwarming with comedy and inspiration that only Aurea can bring to the show. Her enthusiasm and connection with her viewers, as an extreme survivor herself, is contagious!

Her voice was almost lost forever after invasive cancer surgery in 1999 and now she is using it to be the voice and spoke person for the unsung hero’s of this world who are desperately trying to help make our world a better place.

These are the true legacies lives that need to be told and that's just what Aurea is dedicated to do.

See video clips of her show here: http://www.Youtube.com/aureamcgarry Comment, rate and please share them. Thank You!


Exciting news: My TV show episode with Ron Clark founder of the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, won the prestigious international TELLY award in the entertainment category for outstanding host and guest performance, producing and overall entertainment value. You can see this episode on my youtube page in three parts. Please subscribe and give rave reviews while you are there too.Thank you for your support.


Congratulations to everyone involved with the production of "Live Your Legacy With Aurea McGarry" for winning two more TV show awards.

Documentary Winner: A Silver Davey Award for the Ron Clark
Academy episode.

Nature/Wildlife Winner: A Silver Davey Award for the Noahs Ark episode.

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as a featured guest on radio
WOCA-AM Ocala, Florida

Live Your Legacy
premiers on
PBS Atlanta PBA 30

Watch my show "Live Your Legacy With Aurea McGarry" the "Noah's Ark Animal & Children Rehabilitation" episode as seen on PBS Atlanta here on www.youtube.com/aureamcgarry. A non-profit organization that has helped over three hundred abused and abandoned children and over 1000 animals find love and comfort during their darkest days. See me get kissed by a 1000 pound bear and a monkey named Clark Gable.


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